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Property Meld integrates with your existing platforms for seamless data connectivity.

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Add Ons Abodea


Abodea is the original, 24x7x365 maintenance coordination support solution.  We offer a full suite of fully customizable services, each of which is tailored to meet the specific needs of every individual customer.  We don’t standardize maintenance coordination.  We apply your specific policies, practices, and preferences when engaging your tenants.  Whether you have 20 doors – or 20,000 – we can help.

Import Only


Easily import all of your existing Appfolio data into Property Meld. From there you can reap the benefits of full transparency of all maintenance requests from start to finish, as well as reviewing historical data and trends.

Import Only Buildium


Easily upload your existing Buildium data into your Property Meld account. Continue using Buildium for your accounting and additional functions, side-by-side with Property Meld’s maintenance automation.

Add Ons EZ Repair

EZ Repair

We have partnered with EZ Repair for property managers who need call center assistance or help with finding vendors to suit their business. EZ Repair will work with your tenant to solve everyday fixes able to be handled without a service call.  They also diagnose true emergencies before they send after hours service.

Full Integration GatherKudos


GatherKudos provides an easy and unobtrusive way to ask and remind customers to review your business on the sites that matter to you.

Full Integration

Tens of thousands of businesses use to harness the ‘voice of the customer’ to improve and market themselves—from local businesses to large brands to the marketers and agencies who serve them. Integrate with your Property Meld account to push your reviews forward.

Full Integration Property Ware

Property Ware

With a simple two-way API set-up, Property Meld and Property Ware integrate your data, making updates and additions easy. Integrate with your existing Property Ware platform to have full oversight of all of your current maintenance requests and keep a record of historical data.

Full Integration Rent Manager

Rent Manager

As a certified API partner of Rent Manager, Property Meld delivers a seamless integration that fully manages data syncing both to and from Rent Manager. Both systems will be kept in sync, allowing different teams to see what’s happening in either system.

Full Integration is a platform used to push positive reviews to reputation websites while diverting negative reviews for immediate contact. When a user has integrated with, it will immediately forward that meld reviewer to the corresponding module (positive or negative) while still collecting performance data for your dashboard.


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