How Property Meld Works

Communicate any way you want

Communicate on any device and platform

Utilize our communication tools to reach residents, technicians, vendors, and owners in their preferred method of contact. This includes e-mail, texting, and in-app notifications. The best part is, we’ll document all conversation regardless of the communication mediums used by everyone involved.

Faster scheduling

Scheduling at breakneck speeds, no download required

With a 60% reduction in time required to coordinate maintenance activities for you and your staff, you can focus on other duties.

Keep Track of Requests

Easily check on request statuses and track progress

Property Meld schedules, reminds, and prompts for completion after the repair. Instead of wondering what the status of a work order is, Property Meld will track it, every step of the way. This means less time spent following up, complete documentation, happier residents, and higher retention.

Use the tools you love

Connect with your existing platforms and data

Integrate your data to keep all of your information streamlined and in the same place.

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