Does your maintenance process stack up to others in the industry?

Having a successful business of any kind takes ambition, hard-work, and goals, but what does it take to make sure that hard work and ambition gets the success that your property management company needs? Through analyzing many management companies we’ve discovered that there are three key components that successful companies are focusing on to make the best use of their time and energy, and maximize satisfaction. If you’re curious to see the visual statistics of your own maintenance process, Property Meld can send you a personalized maintenance analysis at no charge, evaluating these three components, along with more important factors to prepare you for even higher success.

Have trouble-shooting plans

The first component is having a routine trouble-shooting plan for simple maintenance. If a tenant notifies you of a faulty garbage disposal you might want to reconsider taking the time to send someone to the property to simply flip a switch on and potentially finding nothing broken. What could save a lot of energy is calling them to try and troubleshoot live with you.

If getting troubleshoot instructions over the phone is difficult, having how-to email templates for common maintenance issues could work to step by step teach more visual learners. Templates work great for problems such as inspecting and flipping circuit breaker switches, walking through buttons on thermostats and air conditioners, and of course the garbage disposal.

Follow up for satisfaction

This might seem obvious but according to customer reviews and ratings, following up with tenants to ensure their maintenance has been completed and their problems managed, is an essential quality for tenant satisfaction.

It’s easy to feel overloaded with maintenance requests during the summer and winter months and deciding against following up with tenants seems like a tempting way to save a little more time. We promise that the time spent is worth everything you put into making sure that your tenants are completely happy with the installed maintenance. It shows you care and leaves the tenant with a professional reputation of your process.

See everything in one place

Finally, this component isn’t exactly a performance piece to implement but a resource to use and take advantage of. We’ve seen that some property managers can be blind to their problems and are telling themselves that they are doing everything that they can. If you can realize that you’re feeling stressed and employees are being overworked, then there is a problem at hand. The solutions are found when you reflect on your process regularly and place your progress into something visible such a spreadsheet. Having this transparency to you and your staff is great for communication, and a way to brainstorm how to improve your weaker areas. A perfect way to see these statistics is through your own personalized maintenance analysis.

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Written by Kyle Graves – Property Meld Blog Editor