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Case Study

Upper Edge Property Management

Upper Edge Property Management
Greater Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Growing a property management company from our basement office to expanding to over 900 doors over the course of 10 years is no small feat. Maintenance coordination can take up a lot of time and follow up, sometimes taking weeks to resolve issues. By automating our process with Property Meld, we able to not only streamline communications, but provide full transparency between tenants, vendors, and maintenance coordinators.


Historically, we have had issues with contractors completing jobs. We had tried many internal options, by having a Maintenance Coordinator, having an extra assistant to make followup phone calls, etc. Maintenance issues would take weeks to resolve, but ultimately, a very unhappy tenant would call back and ask why we haven’t fixed the issue yet – but the contractor, when asked, would almost always say they had trouble getting in touch with the tenant to make an appointment.

Product Vetting and Potential Risks Considered

One of the main things I was looking for was a platform that would make communication and tracking easier. I happened to see a competitor of Property Meld at our property management software conference and signed up on the spot…a few weeks later, after struggling through a very difficult onboarding experience, I approached Property Meld.

I wanted to ensure the platform we chose would not let any issues slip through the cracks, but it had to make sense for my team and my infrastructure. One of the main deliverables was having a system where I could see all of the communication between tenant, vendor, owner and our company in a single ticket.

Results and ROI

Almost immediately, we had a reduction in call volume of over 70 percent! We were quite shocked, but after analyzing the data, it was determined many of our phone calls were from tenants repeatedly calling, asking why their repairs were not yet completed. We feel the calls were reduced because the tenants could now communicate directly with our company within the tickets themselves and because the Property Meld system took over the reminding and tracking of each issue. Our maintenance department was behind by several hundred tickets and there were also 500 “open” tickets going back several years where our staff was not sure if the repairs were completed or not because our older system relied on my staff closing the ticket after completion. We no longer have to worry about this because it is the contractor that completes the ticket instead of my staff and if they forget, the system reminds them (and us) that the issue is still open.

Future Plans

I truly believe we are entering a new era of Customer Experience. Couple this with a younger demographic of renters that are choosing to rent instead of buy, customer service demands are approaching that of the hospitality industry. Therefore, we have chosen to embrace this instead of fighting it and are gearing our company towards providing a better Customer Experience for both our owners and tenants. Competent property management is now the baseline expectation and companies are going to have to do more and more to service their clients.