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Case Study

Beaufort Rentals

Beaufort Rentals
Beaufort, SC


With a literal lifetime in property management, Matthew Flewelling of Beaufort Rentals was scaling and growing his business, making daily decisions on efficiency and monitoring the bottom line.


Our original challenge was disorganization. We had loads of work to be done and no way to review that information at a glance or schedule it effectively. You could feel it in the office. Tenants constantly complaining drove the moral down and as a boss, I was angry at my staff for not taking care of it. We were also losing money. With no way to properly schedule my in-house maintenance guys and track their work, revenue was leaking out.

Product Vetting and Potential Risks Considered

This was before I joined the big facebook groups, so I couldn’t just send a message out to 4,000 people to ask them. Property Meld was really the reason I started to explore it. My staff and I were at a NARPM conference and they introduced me to Property Meld while checking out the vendor booths. After that I saw a need and spoke to three companies that provided similar ( but much different) services.

Obviously, the Rent Manager integration was huge for us, but the software was just easy to use and the communication level was much higher. Property Meld put me in touch with a few different users.  One stood out to me, as his business was similar and we already used several of the same processes. He spoke very highly of it, so it just made sense.

The only risk I really considered was that if the product didn’t work, it would be a waste of time and we would be left with the same problems to start again at square one three, six, or nine months down the road.

Results and ROI

No one can really fully appreciate the value of Property Meld until you start to use it. It all comes down to communication. With two full-time¬†maintenance guys on the road and over 500 tenants, the phone hardly rings, and I still know exactly what’s going on. The scheduling, the reminders, the in-portal communication and the follow up make the need for tenants to call almost completely unnecessary.

To do what Property Meld does for me, you would need one capable full-time employee. Calls, missed calls, searching for the information… it’s priceless. I got Meld just as I was looking at hiring another maintenance coordinator…I never had to make that hire.¬† In addition, tenant review scores have gone up, and employee turn over has gone to 0 because the job is less stressful.

Future Plans

It used to be, make as much money as possible, but now my goal is to provide the highest level of service to my customers and clients – the money follows organically. I don’t want to be the biggest or the richest, I want us to be the best. One goal that has been put into place since starting with Property Meld is to use software to be more efficient and to improve the customer experience. We have recently implemented several new software platforms to do just that and I really think Property Meld opened our eyes to the possibilities.