Place your Online Reputation in Flattering Light

There are two main ways that word spreads: by word of mouth, and online. The first had dictated how we made purchases for decades, relying on the personal experiences of others we trusted. Today in the fast culture we’ve created, we can instantly find an abundance of reviews for anything and compare what exactly left each review as positive or negative. It’s important now more than ever to ensure that your digital image across social media, your website, and review websites, sets a reputation that puts your company in a flattering light.

If you’re a start-up property management company

Most small businesses gather their beginning customers through word of mouth. This means the only control you have will be focusing your efforts into maximum tenant satisfaction to keep all talk, good talk.

It’s never too soon to get consistent with social media content and posting on your website. Quality marketing efforts from the beginning stages of your online image will ensure that your digital reputation stays clean and flattering. Experiment with different content on social media that showcases your strengths, and ask questions of your tenants, staff, and investors to stay on path towards success.

If you’re an established property management company

According to the BIA Kelsey Consumer Tracking Study, “97% of consumers use online media when researching products or services in their local area. 90% use search engines, 48% use internet yellow pages, 42% use comparison sites, and 24% use vertical sites.”

This information might look obvious to an established company, have great reviews for our services across the web, but that’s just the goal that needs a strategy to get there.

  • Develop great customer feedback and reviews. Follow your tenants down any path that you provide a service for. At the end of that path have them rate their experience and share any feelings they’d like to share. Gathering that feedback is a great way to know that the job is complete and has left them fully satisfied.

TIP: Automation software has the feature to send surveys to tenants automatically after a service has been completed. Using add-on integration software such as GatherKudos,, and, you can push the positive reviews to review websites and divert (and address privately) the negative ones.

  • Monitor Your Reviews to Manage Your Reputation. Decide which sites you want to target to keep as positive, current and up to date as possible. There are countless sites that will gather review information from around the web but only a few of those will be as popular to google searchers as others.

Think back to a time when you compared two or more products and finding a very detailed negative review for a product that also had a great overall star rating. In a tough decision like this, a potential investor/customer will imagine going through that detailed review themselves and choose the product they are comparing that has a matching star rating. Don’t put off managing your online reputation because your tenants will notice.

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Written by Kyle Graves – Property Meld Blog Editor