Embracing Technology as a Property Manager

Technology has automated our way of life in so many ways. Emails have saved modern business with instant communication, eliminating written letters or phone calls. Pizza delivery is now run through online orders and through mobile apps, phone orders are a thing of the past. Mobile and online banking has eliminated multiple trips to your bank to transfer funds or deposit checks. Look anywhere around you and you’ll likely find automation assisting us become faster and more efficient.

So how can automation help property managers? In fact, in so many ways it can reduce your hours managing maintenance by 60%. Here are a few benefits and tips to embrace property management technology like a professional.

Increased Efficiency

Automation means work done automatically for you. Workflows, reminders, records, and statistic tracking are just some of the amazing features management software can provide. With statistics kept and displayed in a customizable dashboard you can track process and catch bad habits quicker. Tracking the time of work requests until completion, the time to repair maintenance, and more are ways to compare vendors to satisfaction rates to get your best results.

With the ability to grab records immediately means time saved. With the ability to track progress means a consistent (and improving) progress for work requests.

Research and Trust

Before making the decision of what programs/software to use, most compare features and benefits that they provide. After meeting a specialist to learn fully what a software has to provide you, and the beneficial changes it can bring, go forth with the mindset that the software is here to help you (and also the company). We understand that convincing owners, investors, and your third-party vendors of new software can be annoying or difficult if they’re not “tech-savvy” but the reality is, maintenance/management automation software is all about saving time, tracking progress, and making your tenants as happy as possible. Very soon you should be seeing an easier work week for yourself and your management team to focus on other important tasks, and vendors who find that good software programs will be easy to use and benefit them as well.

To help make any purchase decision, online reviews are where to find feedback and testimonials. Speaking of reviews, software add-ons today have the capability to boost your own positive reviews to the top of pages helping your online reputation stay in a good light.

Find the correct solution for your needs

There can feel like infinite options to choose from when finding a software to help with automating your property management, but the right one (or few) will come when you find your problem areas. Nobody likes to admit their weaknesses or analyze themselves too critically because it can lead to a lot of stress however, in order to get the most benefits for your money you should know what to look for.

You don’t want a program that provides a little effort into everything. If your problems include an overwhelming amount of maintenance requests, and/or miscommunication with vendors for scheduling and invoices… than a maintenance automation software is your solution. An accounting software that can flex its banking muscles won’t fit the criteria for your work order needs because their strengths are in different areas. Don’t get distracted by a little bit of everything, settle for maximum effort in the areas you need most.


With a mindset ready to improve and streamline your process like a professional, the correct technology match for you will be ready to assist you, your vendors, your owners and tenants. Are you ready to automate? Learn more about Property Meld.



Written by Kyle Graves – Property Meld Blog Editor