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We are thrilled to share another customer experience. Thanks to Bill Hague of Eaton Realty Property Management for taking the time to share your story!

Why A Change Was Necessary for My Maintenance Program

Automating our maintenance system was a no-brainer and I wish we would have done it sooner. Some of our biggest pain points before making the switch were trying to figure out if the maintenance request was scheduled and/or if it was completed.

Where are the pictures of before and after?

Other issues that seem cumbersome now was logging into our CRM system to copy and paste client’s information to send it to vendors and vise versa so they could reach out first to schedule the maintenance.

As all property managers know, everything is an emergency and needs to be fixed yesterday when you are a renter.

Using Property Meld solved those issues and gave us more useful tools we did not know we needed.

Most people (especially Millennials) love to text and want instant communication. This software allows those features without having to use your number for privacy concerns. Communication is instant for all parties to see.

There are troubleshooting templates you can set up to try and resolve common issues. You can even choose who sees your communication so if a vendor wants to inform the property manager of an issue it is as simple as a drop-down box. I love being able to see all the communication between all parties in one meld.

Property Meld has streamlined our maintenance system and put vital information in a platform that can be resolved with a few texts from a cell phone.

We highly recommend getting on board if you are not yet using their system. Get out of the dark ages and come to the light and start utilizing Property Meld!

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