10 Time-Saving Life Hacks You Need in Your Life

Like everyone, you have your daily routine. And, like everyone, your daily routine, while comforting, has probably become stagnant. What if you could develop easy, personal techniques to save you 10+ minutes a day? Would you do it?

How much is your time worth to you?

There are 365 days/year. 3650 minutes, 60 hours, or roughly  2 1/2 days a year.

However you slice it, small changes can add up to big results, like gaining nearly three days of doing what you want. All if, you can shave 10 minutes off your current daily routine.

You can accomplish this and here are 10 life hacks to help you.

1.  Brush your teeth in the shower

You stand and wait for your conditioner to start… you know… conditioning. You stand, wait, and stare at yourself in the mirror for two minutes every day while brushing your teeth. Combine them. While your conditioner sits and works its magic, you can brush those pearly whites! Plus, the minty freshness is amazing in the shower.

2. Turn your shower into a steamer

You don’t want to look all wrinkly. It’s just unprofessional and tacky. While you are taking your hot steamy shower, hang your clothes in the bathroom with you and close the door. The soft wrinkles that your clothes get from the closet will come off, and you won’t need to break out that ironing board.

3. Schedule Your Procrastination

Take a break! Seriously. Instead of randomly putting things off and feeling guilty about it later, put downtime on your calendar. You’ll know when you need to be productive and thus look forward to having some time to yourself. This trick can go a long way towards you becoming the master of your work-week time.

4. Listen to podcasts/TED Talks on your commute: The 5-Hour Rule

If you have to drive to work, why not make the most out of it. Pick a topic on a podcast, a TED talk, or a nonfiction book that interests you, and make it a part of your drive! Michael Simmons created a blog named The 5-Hour Rule, based on this theory: “If you’re not spending at least 5 hours a week learning, you’re being irresponsible.” Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Gates all utilize and vouch for this rule.

5. Limit your phone use at night

Texting, checking stocks, tweeting, playing Words With Friends: it seems we’ve all let these kinds of activities take over our pre-sleep routines. As hard as it might be to refrain, the fact is that smartphones (just like computer screens) omit “blue light”, making it much harder for your mind to rest and for your brain to recognize that it’s nighttime. Whatever hour you choose for your bedtime, set an alarm for an hour before. Put your phone away, turn off the computer, shut off the TV. This will allow you to have time to yourself- to read a book, for example -and most importantly, allow your brain to relax and get your mind right for the next day

6. Keep tide pens/lint-rollers on you at all times

A dribble of coffee on your shirt has the ability to ruin the day- especially if you’ve got that important board meeting. Spills and stains call for an extra trip home or rushing to deal with dirty attire; either way, they raise your anger and anxiety. But you don’t have to be the hapless victim here! Keep a Tide Pen and a lint-roller in both your desk and your car. When tragedy strikes, you can deal with it quickly.

7. The 2-minute Email rule

If you can answer an email in two minutes, do it. Don’t let your inbox pile up. You’ll miss important information that could domino into larger problems.

8. The Workload Rule

We’ve all been overloaded, but don’t let stress get the upper hand! If you’re swamped, don’t pay any attention to those emails. When there are fires to be put out, the last thing you want to be doing is sitting behind your desk, dealing with every single obligation. Allow yourself to breathe… and prioritize. It’s a well-known fortune cookie fact: “One cannot do everything at once, but one can do something at once.”

9. Close those tabs

Got 1,001 tabs opened? Yikes. Yes, you’re the king/queen of multitasking… but you’ve also heard the saying “a cluttered desk reflects a cluttered mind”. This definitely applies to your browser. If you have tabs that have been open for a couple of days, and they’re not mission-critical, then close ’em. You can always find them in your history! If you use a certain page often, favorite that website for easy access.

Don’t know how? Here are some directions for different search engines!

10. 80/20 Principle

20% of what you do creates 80% of the noticeable results. Create a list and prioritize what’s important, focus on the crucial 20% that creates an impact… and less on the fluffy 80%.

We are in the business of saving time and money. These tips can help you get a few minutes back under your belt.  If you want a couple of hours back each week and be able to put down your phone click here.